Tax Preparation Services

An affordable outsourced bookkeeping services company for large corporates as well as small businesses.

We’re handling small company bookkeeping services that facilitates the graceful and effective functioning of the business. An ideal mixture of unique processes and leading edge technology enable us to attempt outsourced bookkeeping activities for Licensed Public An accounting services firm and Medium Businesses.

So how exactly does this tax preparation and tax processing outsourced process work?

  1. It begins with delivering us scanned documents. We’ll provide you with our standard format to transmit the appropriate and needed data either as pdf files, mdi or e fax messenger.
  2. When the tax information images are received, trained tax professionals at our offshore processing facility will data go into the information into our tax filling software or even the tax filling software of your liking.
  3. After data entry, the taxes is audited to ensure that all the details received continue to be properly joined and paid for.
  4. Next, the returns are sent while using ASP/FTP for your firm for review. You’ll receive complete returns, including any queries or comments the preparer thought necessary.
  5. After you have the return, your firm can review and finalize, plus adds or removes any information out of the box necessary. We are able to then update the tax file and give back your final copy for filing.

We provide tax preparation services for :

  1. Form 1040 – For Individuals
  2. Form 1065 – For Partnerships Form
  3. Form 1120 – For Companies and Corporations

We now have experience of both individual tax preparation services and business tax preparation services. We’ll examine balance sheets, interpret and classify the items onto it. We’ll also classify and interpret P/L products, and interpret the taxability and management of various accounts. We can provide Florida sales tax liability services.

Tax Preparation for Federal and State Tax Returns:

  1. Individual Income Taxes
  2. Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
  3. ‘C’ Corporation Income Taxes
  4. Fiduciary Income Taxes
  5. Non Profit Corporation Income Taxes
  6. ‘S’ Corporation Income Taxes
  7. Partnership Income Taxes

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